Transload Facilities in Thunder Bay, ON

Thunder Bay has 3 Commtrex Verified transloading companies as of Dec 2020. Our pre-screened facilities are ready to help handle the movement of many types of cargo.
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Top Transloaders in Thunder Bay, ON

CN Atikokan Lumber Distribution Centre | Atikokan, ON
180 km from Thunder Bay
Dry Bulk
Not Equipped for HazMat
Lake Superior Warehousing Co | Duluth, MN
280 km from Thunder Bay
Oversized, Packaged Goods
Capable of HazMat
CPT Vermilion Bay | Vermilion Bay, ON
344 km from Thunder Bay
Dry Bulk, Oversized, Packaged Goods
Not Equipped for HazMat

It is a common challenge for shippers to find and connect with Thunder Bay transloading locations that provide the cargo-specific services they need. With the Commtrex Transload Marketplace, we simplify this process by giving you the first and only tool to find the Transload Facility equipped to handle your goods near Thunder Bay. With a single search, you can find and compare transloading rates in Thunder Bay to ensure your commodity is shipped in the most efficient way possible.

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