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At Commtrex, we believe that the more information and data you have about shipping freight by rail, the better decisions you will make for your business. We offer a wide range of high-caliber rail industry articles written by independent transportation analyst and consultant Tony Hatch. With decades of experience, Mr. Hatch is the ideal expert to shed light on monumental shifts and changes within the industry. He explains the processes needed to accomplish efficient freight movement around the country, and addresses any breaking news in the railroad industry that could have an impact on your operation. Whether you are interested in storage, leasing, buying, transloading, or any of the other services we offer on the Exchange, these articles arm you with the expertise and information you need at every level.

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You can trust Mr. Hatch to deliver insights and opinions that shape the transportation industry. After decades of experience as a senior transportation analyst on Wall Street, Mr. Hatch started his independent analyst/consultancy in 1999 with a focus on the freight transportation segment, particularly surface transportation. Since then, Mr. Hatch has been active as an independent analyst and consultant, doing work for all seven Class I Railroads and many railway associations. He always has his finger on the pulse of the industry, and his insights and knowledge are second to none. When conducting your own railroad industry research, start with Tony Hatch's articles to build out and refine your knowledge base.

Canadian Rails, Luck & Responsiveness

March 31, 2020

Greetings....from the epicenter of Lockdown, USA; and thanks once again, as always, to clients & subscribers.


Stay safe!

So....What's new?

Well, events are moving too fast to fully keep up. CN and CP have helped by both appearing on "virtual fireside chats" in lieu of live conference presentations (and CN has announced another for April 2 – Bien joue!); KCS also did one recently (see next note). The others should too – yes, in 3 weeks or so we'll begin the Q1/20 earnings calls, but this is, to say the least, an unusual situation.


On the virus, a few things to point out: