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With the goal of simplifying the way that freight moves by rail, the Commtrex Exchange offers a variety of online railroad resources to make finding pertinent information fast and easy. The Knowledge & Resource Center breaks down everything you need to know to stay one step ahead of the competition, assisting with everything from front-end planning and development to implementation and refinement. Stay on top of the latest trends and technological breakthroughs with consistent rail industry education options that keep the newest information at your fingertips. In a competitive industry where decision-making has to be effective and instantaneous, access to this information is invaluable -- a tool that can effectively guide your company forward from one quarter to the next.

A Taylor toploader loading pallets of packaged goods at a transporting facility

Rail 101: Transloading

With our rail industry resources, you can learn everything you ever needed to know about transloading. What is transloading? What types of commodities need transloading? Do you need special equipment? What factors should I be aware of that affect transloading? Find answers to these questions and more as you study our exclusive Rail 101: Transloading lessons.

Leasing business concept with icons about contract agreement between lessee and lessor over the lease of railcars

Rail 101: Leasing/Financing

Find all of the online railroad resources you need to learn about Leasing & Financing. What factors affect lease rates? Are there different types of lease options? When is leasing railcars preferred over buying? Whether you are a first-time lessee or have experience, you will discover tips for making the best decisions for today.

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Articles by Tony Hatch

There is no better source for rail industry education than Mr. Hatch. With over a quarter century's experience in the transportation industry, Mr. Hatch has been active as an independent analyst and consultant doing work for all seven Class I Railroads and many railway associations. Our expanding library of articles and blogs written by Tony Hatch gives you the insider information you need to make the best decisions for your company.

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Ask the Experts

Commtrex's "Ask the Experts" is the rail industry's premier online forum for knowledge sharing. Our community of shippers, railroaders, transloaders, lessors, and service providers ask questions and connect with industry experts who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Topics include rail trends, commodities, logistics, asset management, trade, technology, and more.

Knowledge and Experience

When you need information and options for railroad education online, trust Commtrex to deliver. We have the experience and knowledge base that shapes this industry, including insider information from the best experts in the business. We offer a comprehensive marketplace like no other you can find. From educational tools to up-to-date information that helps with decision making, we do it all. Our experts are happy to walk you through the process of fully utilizing every aspect of our cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing the way freight moves in the 21st century.