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What are the long term positive effects of PSR for rail shippers?

February 17, 2020

Jim Blaze - Railroad Economist


There is not a lot of what would pass for as solid evidence about direct shipper benefits from PSR. That's surprising since Canadian National "results" should have by now matured as a Harvard Business Case Study given the time that's passed since the first E. Hunter Harrison "training classes" were given now more than a decade ago. Documentation of the internal RR corporate benefits are plentiful, seen in almost every quarterly investor report as slides. But improvements like "promised scheduled final delivery times" for shipments VERSUS THE ACTUAL DELIVERED TIMES are not in the public record. What we do see occasionally now are trip plan statistics that site across the company's entire network reported improvements from previous pre-PSR days in the 60% to 70% Now after a PSR early phase execution are showing achieving carload siding placement at a better system average in the high 70's or low 80's percentage rate.