Rail Industry Insights

Commtrex Rail Insights contains valuable data covering the emerging trends and unique rail industry insights that businesses need to aid in decision-making, improving operations, and enhancing planning efforts.

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Valuable Rail Industry Trends and Market Insights

Staying a step ahead of the competition requires access to reliable information about emerging rail industry insights and trends. Many businesses and shippers fail to gain access to this critical data due to the extensive resources needed to compile, analyze, and track relevant information.

Fortunately, Commtrex Rail Insights puts this information in your hands via a user-friendly, easily accessible, one-stop-shop which helps keep you apprised of the most up-to-date rail industry trends. Armed with this unique market insight and analysis, you can make the best decisions possible to promote growth opportunities for your company.

A screen capture of Commtrex Rail Storage Index showing the daily storage charges for 4 North American regions as of February 13, 2019.

The Industry's First Index for Railcar Storage & Leasing Rates

Save money and enhance your planning efforts with unique insights into railcar storage and leasing rates by using the Commtrex Railcar Price Indexes. Our leasing and storage indexes provide Exchange Members with up-to-date rates, including how much rates have either increased or decreased over the past 30 days.

In the Rail Leasing Index, Commtrex Exchange members are able to view rates for primary car types like gondolas, hoppers, general purpose tank cars, and more. For our Rail Storage Index, members are able to view rates by region - Central, Southeast, Midwest, and more. This information is critical for our members, as our mission is to better inform consumers when searching for railcar storage options across North America.

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Find the Leading Rail Service Companies in North America

One of the biggest issues currently found in the railroad industry is finding reputable and innovative rail service companies. In response to the outdated and inaccurate information available to the public, Commtrex has developed lists of the top rail service providers across the U.S. and North America. By providing easy ways to contact and find additional company information, the Commtrex Top 10 Rail Services Lists help our members make better decisions when it comes to:

  • HazMat Capabilities
  • Transloading
  • Railcar Maintenance & Repairs
  • Railcar Storage Facilities
  • And more!

Connect with Commtrex today to register your business and unlock access to the extensive railroad industry analysis and storage & leasing rates we make available to our members as part of Commtrex Rail Insights.