Leasing Marketplace

The Commtrex Leasing Marketplace connects lessees with shippers and fleet owners who are looking to lease their idle rail assets.

An image containing conversation bubbles between a railcar Lessor and a Lessee negotiating lease terms

Negotiate Your Next Lease Through Commtrex's Industry-Unique Dialogue Process

Commtrex member lessees post requests to lease/sublease railcars, while member lessors can list their inventory for lease or respond to lease requests.

Once a lessor or lessee decides to pursue a lease listing or request, the Commtrex Exchange guides both parties through negotiations using an industry-unique dialogue process to discuss lease terms. Agreements can occur quickly and clearly, and both parties receive alerts when the other party responds.

Commtrex provides visibility, maintains records, and completed dialogues are fully printable. Track your deals within a system that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Present the negotiation details to your team for quick and easy contracts!

A collage of 4 photos containing a rapid coal hopper, a yellow bulkhead flatcar, a burgundy hi-cube boxcar, and a black specialty tank car on railroad tracks

Find the Railcars You Need for the Commodities You Haul

Whether you are looking to add extra coal hoppers to your fleet, lease frac sand cars, or find tank cars for petroleum products, the Commtrex Leasing Marketplace can connect you to the lessor or lessee that you need!

Here are just a few of the most popular cars we see:

  • DOT-111 Tank Cars for Diesel/Gasoline
  • CPC-1232 Tank Cars for Diesel/Gasoline/Ethanol
  • Coal Hoppers / Coal Gondolas
  • Frac Sand Cars / Sand Hoppers
  • ...And More!
An image depicting a user's summary screen of their active lease requests, along with the statuses of each request, and other details, such as when the requests expire

Become a Part of the Largest Electronic Leasing Marketplace

Members can access and interact with every railcar listing posted in The Exchange any time of day or night.

Use Commtrex's efficient method of storing and organizing railcar lease listings and lease requests. Clearly see listings awaiting a response, or requests pending.

Lessors and lessees can quickly access all of their listings and requests, including historical records, at any time.

Make your job easy and save time -- become a part of the Commtrex community.