Buy/Sell Marketplace

The Commtrex Buy/Sell Marketplace connects railcar owners with shippers, financial institutions, and scrap buyers who are looking to purchase tank cars, freight cars, and other railcars.

A Sell listing for Hi-Cube Boxcars. Listing Shows a yellow Boxcar and the listing terms

Quickly Buy and Sell your Railcars With Customized Listings

The Commtrex Exchange provides customized electronic listings as an optimal method for sellers to market the availability of their railcars. Connect with the largest market of potential railcar buyers across multiple industries and locations. With our extensive reach, your railcar listings can get more exposure!

Sellers can create a railcar sale listing or browse buy requests to find buyers for any railcars they need to sell.

Buyers can search the 'For Sale' listings for current railcars available in The Marketplace. Listings can be added to a personal Watch List, or Buyers may contact a Commtrex agent for assistance. Buyers can also create a 'Wanted' request in The Marketplace to let sellers know what kind of railcars they are looking to buy.

Commtrex has made it easy to market and manage railcars, information, and deals in a convenient, secure location.

A 4-quadrant photo containing a black small tank car, a 72-foot Centerbeam railcar, a large covered hopper, and a covered coil car on train tracks

Preload your Railcar Details and Use Our Standard Stock Photos to Quickly Create Sale Listings and Buy Requests

Commtrex connects Buyers and Sellers within an active Buy/Sell Marketplace.

Choose from more than 2 dozen different railcar types when using our standard stock photos. Or load your own!

Don't see what you're looking for listed in the Buy/Sell Marketplace? Create a Buy Request for any of the following railcar types, and let the Sellers find you!

  • Boxcars
  • Coal Hoppers
  • Flatcars
  • Gondolas
  • Specialty Tank Cars
  • ...And More!
A white-gloved hand holding a silver tray containing a stack of railcars - tank car, boxcar, scrap metal high-sided gondola, covered hopper car, and a boxcar

Experience Commtrex's White-Glove Service for Yourself

Leverage our highly experienced railcar sales team for guidance throughout the entire buying and selling process. From setting up your railcars in The Marketplace, through negotiation, deal completion, and even RFP's, Commtrex provides experience, personalized direction, and one-on-one assistance. Using Commtrex to Buy and Sell your railcars gives you the option to remain anonymous in The Marketplace.

Through our public website and various social media outlets, Commtrex ensures that railcar sale listings and buy requests are marketed effectively and appropriately. In addition, our 'Hot Deals' are constantly updated to alert both Exchange members and the public of the very best railcar opportunities Commtrex has to offer.