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LaPoint Railcar Cleaning & Storage TX. LLC. - Orange, TX

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Daymon LaPoint
2424 Foreman Road
Orange, TX 77630

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About LaPoint Railcar Cleaning & Storage TX. LLC. - Orange, TX

Office Hours 7am - 4pm, M-F. Offering 24-7 Railcar Cleaning Services.

About Our Company

Our cutting edge cleaning facility in Orange, Texas is designed to handle unit trains and has the capacity to clean 8 cars at a time. Proprietary cleaning processes and an environmental triple zero (0-0-0) approach eliminates the need for confined space entry and will set new safety and environmental standards in the industry.  We've designed this system to process and destruct harmful vapors, making it environmentally friendly, as well as, maintaining the highest level of safety for our employees.  Any residuals collected during and after the cleaning processes are separated and returned to the industrial commodity stream. Our process helps reduce the wait time for customers, reduces emissions, reduces the environmental impact, and in turn, increases safety.

Our 2nd Orange, Texas facility has also been designed with 10 miles of storage capacity which serves to provide both short & long term storage solutions. In addition to cleaning & storage services, LaPoint has partnered with 3rd party repair services to handle any/all maintenance & repair needs your railcar may need while on location.