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Lodestar Rail Services - Houston, TX

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Alan Birney
3 Riverway, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77056

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About Lodestar Rail Services - Houston, TX

Lodestar Rail Services (LRS) provides a focused and integrated service to its customers through the supply of rail equipment, rail freight and rail fleet management. LRS achieves the desired commercial and operational outcomes through timely reporting, action and communication. We operate in the United States, Canada and Mexico and provide bilingual support from LRS’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

About Our Company

Lodestar Rail Services (LRS) offers door-to-door service, bill of lading generation, rail fleet management and integrated transportation services. Other services include tracking, cleaning, testing, cargo sampling, storage and inspections

LRS transports a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products including food-grade and Kosher products, oils, lube oils, solvents, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, alkaline products, acids, glycols, esters, ethers, and acrylates.