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BioChem Systems - The Woodlands, TX

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Matt Erkmann
P.O. Box 8098
The Woodlands, TX 77387

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About BioChem Systems - The Woodlands, TX

Enhance Tank Car Cleaning Operations. Contact BioChem for an ONSITE VaporX® cleaning demonstration.

About Our Company

BioChem Systems is a leading chemical supplier in the tank car repair and maintenance industry. Our patented VaporX® cleaning process is quickly being adopted by tank car cleaning facilities to reduce the cleaning timeline versus traditional methods, alleviating the necessity of placing employees in a hazardous heavy oil tank car. Upon entry to remove any inorganic solids, the tank car will be oil free, gas free and water wet.

See link with an animation of the VaporX Process:

See link for a demonstration of how VPRX® works: 

Primary goals for our tank car cleaning customers:

1. Enhance safety

2. Reduce labor expenses

3. Significantly improve overall cleanliness versus traditional cleaning by removing hydrocarbon from the pores of the carbon steel. 

4. Reduce wastewater (1-2 drums on average per crude oil tank car cleaning)

5. Reduce duration of each cleaning

6. Overall, enhance bottom line margins and increase throughput.

A second BioChem product offering specific to the rail industry is RailX®. RailX is an extremely versatile safe solvent that is used primarily in circulation washes and parts / valve cleaning. Its solvency strength is considerably higher than diesel, mineral spirits and other hazardous commodity solvents. Once applied, RailX will dry residue free.  RailX is an ideal solvent for preparing surfaces prior to painting or coating and is perfect for removing heavy carbon from electrical parts. RailX easily dissolves crude oil, asphalt and other heavy petroleum contaminants.